When Landlords deceive Tenants

It is humorously ridiculous to observe how an elderly landlord could bow to deception. Even more funny is the fact that he is well-known for such an act by the majority of people. Am talking about a landlord at Ugbighoko, Upper Ekenwan Road, Benin City. Sometime last year, precisely July 2013,  i became aware of a vacant apartment. Since i do letting, i decided to rent it out. i placed a notice on it. Soon a client contacted me indicating a serious interest on the apartment.

Having discussed all the necessary matters with the client, the client decided to make payment. Just before that could be done, he needed assurance about the repair of the broken Louvre and doors. Following this, i phoned the landlord right there and explained the situation to him. Been aware he was going to be paid for the rent shortly, the landlord vowed to call the carpenter to fix the doors immediately.

He sounded very convincing that we were moved to believe him. Therefore, he quickly made arrangement to collect the six months advance rent by sending his son to us to collect the money. On arriving the son issued the receipt of the sum of N42,000. He handed it out to me to write the details of the client; having done that i wanted to indicate at the back of the receipt the landlords promise to fix the louver and doors immediately but the son pointed out that such is not done and tried to convince me further to believe his father.

Three days later we did not hear from the landlord. The client continued to mount pressure on me so that the repairs would be carried out. Four months down the line the landlord never came by to check the apartment for necessary repairs. I strongly believe that the landlord would show up when it is time to collect another rent. I later learnt from people that have done business with the said landlord that he was such a dubious man.

Dear reader what should i do when he comes? Granted, i hear he also foments trouble. Please, i need your feedback.

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