THE ULTIMATE aim of any property owners is to achieve peace of mind, satisfaction and a feeling of boundless joy. These words may not well describe the state of your mind when you indeed get a possession of that long coveted house. It is in fact the dream of everyone. Having your own house liberates you from the bondage of been a tenant. You are like a bird let loose from the cage and for the first time the bird stretches its wind wide and continue to toss and turn in the caressing breeze.

To achieve the desirable state described above a lot of deliberate planning goes into the process of purchasing a property. Indeed, buying property is not something you do when you just wake up one terrific morning and drives straight to your bank and dashes back to make payment for the property. If you do that then you are in for a terrible surprise when the hurricane of fantasy clears up. Hmm, I know you don’t want that to happen to you.

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements".- Napoleon Hill

Before ever you get out to search for a property be clear cut about the kind of property you desire. First and foremost, get out a clean sheet of paper and scrupulously write out all the dazzling features of your choice home. Do not leave anything out because this will make or mar your dream. Bear this list in mind as you do your search. It’s going to guide you all through the process. When you see a house that seems to satisfy your requirement, then pull out your list, spread it open and critically examine it while you look up occasionally just to make sure that the so-called property fits your expectation.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago"---Warren Buffet

What does it take to realize your lofty dream of getting your ideal house? Well nothing much. When you are out prospecting or searching for your dream house, you are going to do one thing: just drop your emotion at home before getting out. This may sound funny, but really that’s what you have to do. Understand that when you come across a seemingly nice property and to a large extent it looks marvelously cool and appealing, there is a powerful surge of emotion that sweeps up to your head and dominates your thinking feeling you with unprecedented ecstasy. This dries up your reason. In this instance never you make a decision on the spot. Do not pay for the property the same day you see it. Waiting a little bit helps to clear your thinking, enables you to get a better view of the picture. When you get back home do your analysis properly. Look at it from different angles. Suppress your emotion at least for now. This will enhance good judgment.

“Unguided emotion causes commotion and can turn your vision into vanity”- Rutherford Chidi

Alternatively, get your spouse to examine the facts, not the fantasy. So we say TWO GOOD HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. If you are single then seek the help of a highly reliable adult who in most cases are more clear headed when making judgment. Additionally, do not underestimate the help estate agents can render in a situation like this, especially the distinguished veterans in the field. Just hand out the list of what you want in the house to us and gladly we will go about the search with that in mind. This makes it far easier. We are there to assist you and unless you are satisfied we will not rest on our laurels. We are happy to serve you.
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