Properties are a great asset. In most cases, it appreciates very fast depending on its location and level of development in that area. This offers a fat chance of making good money; some individuals who know this have taken the advantage and made some investment in this area. Have you ever wondered about the likely impact of your investment on your family when you are gone?

This story  reveals what often happens in such situation. A woman had five children. Though  a single mother she worked hard to bring them up; as things went well with her, four of them left the country to further their interest  there. The last daughter soon left also for school to study medicine. Along the line, she had problem with her admission and so was denied entry into the university. She felt it would be embarrassing to go back home, hence decided to stay back. 

The mother had the impression that her daughter was in the university and kept sending her money for tuition and upkeep. She moved in with her boyfriend and they lived big. Meanwhile, the mother was advancing in age and been taken care of by her  brother. When she was sick her daughter never came around to care for her.

After some months the woman died. When the news reached her she was devastated and had to come the next day. She wept bitterly and angry with her uncle for not taking proper care of her mother. In time she got wind of the rumour about the plans to share the property  leaving her out completely of the whole arrangement. According to her calculation, been a girl and the last for that matter she  would get nothing. Whether the rumour was correct or not, she started making secret plans to secure a property for herself, a duplex in the heart of the city.  

 She planned to take the corpse and bury it in this property since this step will make it impossible for the sale of this particular property. Several attempts to steal the corpse was foiled by her uncle and other relatives. Angered, she called the police and arrested them all. They were accused of  conniving to kill her mother. Thus, they were detained in the station. Proper investigation revealed the truth and were then released. Following this they abandoned plans for a befitting burier.

 As the drama played on, her brothers abroad were terribly disappointed with the attitude of their only sister. Shortly they arrived the country to make arrangement to bury their beloved mother who toiled on their behalf. When they came the sharing of property was not uppermost in their mind. Yet she would not give up her plans even though it was clear that burying her there was not reasonable. 

 In the end, the corpse was buried in the place the entire family had arranged. Later she got a share of the mothers property but not the one she eyed.  However ,  as of this day she is not in good terms with  her brothers and extended families.

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