Having a building come up from scratch to that dream home is not a one day work. Achieving your goal of a lovely building depends largely on the plan. This is not laid out the moment you get to the site. In fact, it boils down to a perfect plan drawn by a world-class architect. This is very important because right on the paper you should see the detailed and perfect blueprint of that house. Yes, you need to understand every bit of it from the scratch. Here all that you require should be captured; also the implications of each feature therein to the overall structure and beauty needs to be thoroughly understood.

Further analysis in this direction will do a lot of good in understanding the points outlined above. Assuming you intend to build two-flat of 3bedroom each. You need to see it on paper, exactly as it will appear when completed. A nice building plan will accomplish this task. On it the architect will indicate the dimensions of each room. Where will the window position be? It is his job to show you. In compliance with best practices, he will make you see the need to have proper ventilation by having two windows to a room. Moreover, they will be positioned in such a way that will enhance adequate stream of light into the rooms. The door position should not also be left out: with the lines you should see clearly the network of communication of the doors. The toilet/bathroom location has to stand out conspicuously. The ward drop should also be given recognition on paper. Not to be overlooked are the pillars and arcs. It is also necessary to understand the finishing: what type of tiles do you hope to use? What about the painting, the roofing? Quite a lot.

It is the job of the architect to make you see all the facets of the building on paper. Sadly, most architects find it difficult to go the extra-mile to explain these to their clients. Furthermore, some clients never could determine how additional features to their house could affect their cost. So they just begin like that and find out along the line that the building would swallow more money than determined. This leads to abandonment of project on the way.
It is not enough to desire a particular design in your building, the architect needs to explain to you the cost implication and the general look of it when it is completed. You need to know the current building designs to adopt and not the type that friends will always make negative comments about the old-fashioned design you chose as a result of ignorance. You don’t want to feel sad in the end, do you?

A costly, and perhaps avoidable mistakes potential homeowners make is that as the project progresses they keep making alterations to it all the way. This is a waste of time, resources and energy. In most cases this happens when the services of a qualified architect is not sought before commencing the building project.

1. Consult only world-class architect
2. Get a building plan that reflects the perfect designs you want
3. Don’t try to minimize cost by using quacks, otherwise, in the end you spend more.
4. Know how much it will cost you for additional beauty enhancing designs
5. Match your project with your pocket to avoid leaving the building half-way
6. Get all the information you need before you begin the project

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