Your Desired Home: Comfort with less cost

IT is true that whatever comes into reality first existed in the imagination. This is applicable to desirable buildings or properties. Probably the first image that comes to mind is the pleasant comfort and enjoyment to be experienced once you move into the apartment. The fact that you desired it does not guarantee automatic reality. A lot of factors interact together to either bring it about or drive a wedge between you and your goal. 

The first consideration in this direction is to determine the land dimension or space affordable by you. For this purpose we are going to concentrate on a 100 x100 land measurement. What area or location do you want it? Bear in mind that the price of land varies from one community to the other depending on the level of development in that area coupled with the perceived value of land there. Also while trying to determine the exact value of land in a particular area the community head attempts to factor in the cost of putting different road networks in the area together with the maintenance overtime. In view of this trend weigh your earmarked budget for the project carefully.

Having purchased the plot on a preferably higher plain, you intend to erect a befitting 2 flat with 3bedrooms each.  You also decided to include a store for each flat. Going further you would include toilet/bathroom and wardrobe in each room. You determined a 14 x 16 feet parlour dimension with dinning measuring 8 x 10 feet. While the rooms will measure 12 x 16 including toilet/bathroom. 

As the foundation of the structure is laid and 4 couches of blocks taken up from the ground level, you considered sand filling it. This was the situation with one of our clients. He sought for a contractor to handle this particular part of the project. He wanted  to know the number of sand-trips that would fill it up. 

The first person he contacted told him about 48. The client frowned obviously not satisfied with such seemingly exaggerated estimation. The client seemed to be aware of some greedy contractors practice of overestimation so that the excess would be to their own benefits.  Then we got a call from him and gave him an estimation of 31. Obviously impressed, he asked us to begin work. Interestingly, the 4 couches of blocks from a relatively flat ground level upward gulped 28 sand trips. In the end, it was a win-win situation.

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