Does your HOUSE have a second hand value?

 The 4Bedroom bungalow

It is unfortunate that most property owners often build without consideration to the trend of property in the market. Instead, they only build to satisfy their immediate taste and need. The four bedroom bungalow case study clearly reflect this attitude.

In 2005, when the landlord laid out its foundation, it was clear to him that he was doing the right thing. Now, fast forward to 2014. The landlord now discovered that he wasted funds on the building. He regretted it. Today, i hear him say he would have built Rooms and parlor self-contain.

Right now, he intends selling it off. The problem is that the owner pegged the price at  8million naira. Hmm! This property is on a 50 by 100 feet land space.It was built with quality materials. if you are buying it, this is how you get the best for your money:
1. Convert the garage to one room self-contain
2. convert the other parts to room and parlor self-contain, the rent of which is 10,000naira monthly in that area.

The bottom Line: The marked price for this property is high, so it will be difficult to get a buyer that will pay that much. Consider this: in the same locality 2flat on 50 x 100feet goes for 5million or 5.5million


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