Numerous clients have fallen victim to the tricks of some land speculators. In most cases, what set the stage for such deception is the fact that some communities are in haste to sell off all the available lands and make quick money. 

Having exhausted all the lands, they find it difficult to admit to unsuspecting clients that no land is available for sale. Instead they take you to another persons plot and sell it to you. In this instance, they are careful not to give you authentic documents.

Later you start to develop the plot. Right now you lay the foundation. After about 3 days or so the foundation is destroyed or demolished.  Heck! You are alarmed .your heart beats faster, your hair stands on end, you quiver with fear and terror, who could have done this?  you wonder. 

Fierce battle starts between you and  the real owner of the plot. You cry to the person that sold the land to you. He then takes you to another plot far away from the previous one. You start building and you still experience the same problem,  out of frustration you abandon the plot.

 Be wise. Don’t let this happen to you. It is not enough to just go to any community and want to purchase a land. You need the experts to guide you through the entire process in other to avoid fallen prey to their scheme

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