Just before you go out to make payment for that property, it is necessary to carry out an independent investigation on the property. This will enable you to avoid troubles that might be associated with the property in future. All you need do is to ask neighbours around the property about the genuine owner of that property. 
In most cases neighbours do know the real owner of properties, because right from the start they are able to monitor the property and even have a chat with the owner from time to time. So they have first-hand information.

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Another issue to consider is to know how many stakeholders there are to that property. The reason for this is that some properties are owned by the family. So for a single individual to attempt to sell the property without the consent of others might lead to a big problem with the buyer. That is why you have to consult with other family members just to be sure that they are selling the property with their full cooperation.

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Additionally, you need to request for the document of the property. This will help you to determine the origin and history of the property. Make sure that the document is original and not falsified and properly signed and dated. When you take all these steps, you stay out of trouble after purchasing the property.

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