Family deception is a common phenomenon in Nigeria especially in Edo State. While it is true that there are so many Edo indigenes abroad, there is no place like home. For this reason, many of them in Diaspora often express a wish to come back and buy property and begin building it almost immediately. But how would they begin such project since they leave far away? In this instance, many choose to send money to their loved ones back home to initiate the project.

Sadly, when the loved one receives the money it becomes a different ball game entirely. Money earmarked for such project is then diverted. The loved one begins a new lifestyle. He starts to lavish the money. Not long ago, a lady in Italy wanted to buy two flat at Ugbighoko, Benin City. She sent a representative to us to check the property. So we took the man round all the available two flats. He was satisfied with a particular one at Iyamu Street in Ugbighoko. The man now sent message back to the lady in Italy.

Shortly thereafter, she sent money to her brother in Nigeria to purchase the property which was 4.5million naira. Immediately the brother received the money, he started to spend it. In fact, he refused to release the money for the purpose it was meant. Quarrel ensued. Today, three months later, the brother still cannot account for the money in his possession. 

This is the situation with so many families in Edo State. To avoid fallen victim to this all-too-common family deception, you need to use other channels to carry out your project. Let recognized agents or building contractors handle the project for you. We are here to help. We stand a good chance to execute your project from the start to the finish. Once you give us your project you can go to sleep without any worries. We deliver on our promises as we are experts in the field. 

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