The hotel in question is situated in the outskirt of Benin City. It is uncompleted with aluminum roof. It has 13 rooms(all masters), with reception and laundry. By the side of it is a 4flat on DPC level. The hotel occupies a land space of 100 by 200feet, and fenced round. The owner of the property was in deep financial mess and wants to sell it off by all means. The hotel was marked for 8million. 

In attempt to get buyer desperately, Joseph made bogus promises to reward the agent with N1million if he is able to close the sale. In this regard, the agent was jotted into action. He quickly contacted a barrister who happened to have a buyer. Interestingly, the prospective buyer was his uncle. Therefore, the buyer was taken to the property and his interest was ignited. Meanwhile, Mr Joseph, in his usual cunning habit, had also promised to give the barrister N1million if he eventually persuades his uncle to buy the property for 7million.

As events turned out, the buyer offered to pay 6million. With this Joseph now informed the barrister that his reward has been slashed to 500,000. In the meantime, the original agent, Osato, reminded the seller of his 10% commission, and got a positive assurance. Transaction, reached advanced stage that the account number of the seller was forwarded to the barrister through Osato(the original agent). The next day, the buyer wired the money into the barrister’s account, which before transferring it into the seller’s account quickly withdrew the promised N500,000.

In view of this situation,  the seller now told Osato that he could only afford to pay N200,000 instead of the agreed 10% commission. Therefore, Osato became very furious over this and refused to collect that seemingly paltry sum. Osato reported the matter to other agents. And they all gave the same advice: collect that 200,000 from him. Even Osato’s barrister also offered the same advice but it all fell on deaf ears. As of the time of writing this article, 2 weeks had elapsed since the incidence. Right now Osato is yet to collect  the money. In fact, the seller’s phone lines are not reachable. I have a feeling that the seller had squandered the money and does not have any plan to pay anymore. 
1.       At what point did Osato make a mistake?
2.       What could be the way out for him?
3.       What do you think of the seller?
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