I write this article on the condition of anonymity of the characters involved. Situation like this has become a recurring decimal. Ann lives abroad, works round the clock just to make ends meet. After working for many years, she was able to save some money. So, she decided to repatriate some funds to begin building a house in Nigeria.

Her mother would help her to carry out such project. Immediately her mother started receiving the funds, her lifestyle changed. She started lavishing her daughter's money on her boyfriend. The boyfriend, too, started to make more demands. In view of this, the boyfriend was able to purchase a bus on his name from this situation.

Furthermore, Ann’s mother became a money lender. Meanwhile, the goose that laid the golden egg was working tirelessly abroad. Somewhere along the line, Ann decided to request for a photo of the project to know how well it had gone. The mother quickly took a photo of another persons house and sent it to her daughter abroad. On receiving it, Ann was excited. 

In the midst of this, Ann was making plans to visit Nigeria but she never informed her mother exactly when this would be. That was how she came without notice. Two days time, she was eager to go out to see her building. The mother started giving her different excuses, that she needed to rest. From one story to the other, this continued for two weeks. Other members of the family also pretended not to know the site.

Finally, the cat was let out of the bag. Her sister was able to muster up boldness to say the bitter truth. Ann was then taken to her land, with no building on it. She collapsed upon this discovery. The shocked was just too much! Total betrayer, fraud and deception from someone she loved. Till date her relationship with her mother remained strained. As for the mother's boyfriend, he bolted away with the bus.

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