Why You Need a Competent Contractor Or Property Consultant

Times are hard, the economy is biting harder; that is why you have to plan carefully and make wise use of your resources or hard-earned money. The first thing you should do if you plan to build a house, is to consult a competent contractor or consultant. This will help you avoid costly and wasteful mistakes along the way. Do not rush out to buy a land because you might end up in erosion prone area. Also, the consultant will help determine the genuiness of the plot. You know how frustrating it is to discover that you bought a fake property.
The competent contractor will offer useful advice from the scratch. He is able to interpret all the details in the house plan and follow it strictly. He will also give advice in other areas. Perhaps the following scenario will explain the importance of using a competent contractor or consultant:

There was a property(2bedroom and one block of room and parlour self-contain) at Ugbighoko on a 50 by 200feet dimension. I was taken to this property when I was in search for a property for my client. The problem with it is that the building was positioned at the center of the land. So, there is space at the back and the front. If, at the outset, the owner had used a competent contract to handle her project, the contractor would have advised that the building be placed at the back or rear of the land, so that in future she will have enough space to erect any massive structure. 
The clients I took to this property complained about the poor position of the building, which to them, will be demolished and build their own choice at the right position. From the standpoint of the buyer, the land is only of value to them and bargain is based on this. But the seller sees it from a different perspective: she has a building on the land which should be considered in the bargain. She pegged the price at 5.5million naira. This scared three clients I took there.

There was a 4flat at Upper Ekenwan Road, Benin City. It was built in a valley- a natural destination for erosion. The landlord resides there with tenants occupying other flats. The first day I sighted the property I wondered greatly why somebody would ever build a house in that place. Eventually, I got to know the landlord. I asked him how he was coping with all the erosion. He explained to me that he did a drainage which collects erosion. In spite of this, the place stinks and slippery whenever it rains.  However, this situation would have been avoided if he had sought for the services of a competent contractor or consultant. Ogbes and Co. Property, will dissuade anyone from building in that place.  
Ogbes and Co. Property is a seasoned contractor and property consultant. We will guide you all the way-from the scratch to the finish of your building. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us:
07031384722, 07054107283.
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