When Community Development Association(CDA), Okaeghele and Okaevbo were dissolved in Edo State, the affected individuals including teaming youths received the news with a terrible shock. The reason for this reaction is not far-fetched. For so many years, youths have relied solely  on community activities as a means of survival. Hence, most neglected other means of livelihood including acquisition of critical skills.

Worse still, many did not have any savings and were notoriously spending extravagantly in parties and bar spots. Today the situation has changed. But is all hope lost? Never!
Now is the time to face reality and do a proper analysis of alternative jobs available. It is not too late to learn a new skill. No matter your age there is always something for you to do. Some eight years ago, a man in his late 40s with children learned vulcanizing(fixing bad tires of all kinds). Today, he has a storey building and sponsoring children in higher institutions. To say the least, he is excelling financially as his workshop is besieged by customers everyday.

Put shame aside and be ready to acquire any skill. In fact, you can choose any of the following key areas:
1.       How to repair phones and sales of phone accessories. I have a friend who is into this business and you won’t believe he makes so much money. From this business, he acquired many properties that I know of. Besides, he drives a jeep.
2.       Laundry services. You can also excel in this area if you are determined
3.       Welding. This requires patience and dedication
4.       Fixing of generators and sales of generator parts
5.       Photography. You can learn this within a short time and be a boss
6.       Bricklaying or painting. Recently, there is an increase in building activities in Edo State. Key into this area.
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