Mistakes Clients make when Choosing Building Contractors

When a client is about to undertake a building  project he seeks bids from contractors. The contractor is to do the job to the specification or satisfaction of the client. In fact, until the client is pleased with the execution of the project the contractor will not find peace. Sometimes, the contractor is compelled to keep making adjustment until the client having examined it and its face relaxes into a smile, walks close to you stretching out his hand to commend you for a job well done.

Quite a lot of factors contribute to the situation described above. Lets go back to the bidding process. Different contractors submit bids. In most cases, the bids are not the same. What determines the bidding level or likely  price tag for the execution of the project? 

We should understand that contractors are experts at different level: some know the job better than the rest. The extent of proficiency goes a long way to determine their judgment or evaluation. They are better equipped to give a fairly  accurate estimation. This they do by carefully analyzing and computing figures and leaving nothing to chance. With this computing they hope to realize a healthy profit without inflating the cost beyond the  client’s budget.

 As earlier stated, not every contractor could do this computing process easily. Additionally, when they become aware of the other contractor’s bids they try to lower the cost. With this strategy they hope to brighten their chances of getting the contract, unknown to them that it might lead them into trouble in the long run. In this situation, the client though a little confused,  soon looks favourably on the one with a lower cost. The client may fail to realize:

1.       That accurate cost analysis may not have been carried out
2.       If the  contractor sense he is going to run into a lose he will do a poor job
3.       Abandonment of project and bolting away might just be the way out for the contractor
4.       That in other to prevent loses, the contractor might resort to stealing of materials and selling them ,and
5.       That the client will end up taking legal action against the contractor if all the terms and conditions are not satisfied.

In view of the situation painted above, clients have to be careful in making choices. It is far better to spend a little extra so the veteran contractor does the job for you in the manner and way specified than to patronize quacks in the hope of spending less and in the long run wasting his budget. As veteran contractors, we will execute your project in a way that will amaze you. Give us a call today.

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