Moats: its disappearance means danger

Moats are sighted in different parts of Benin City. Legends say they were dug by past warlords in attempt to protect the city from invasion by potential enemies. It was believed to go round the Benin empire. Today these monuments are fast disappearing. Some greedy community leaders sell off the moat to unsuspecting land developers.

Those who buy moats, are in most cases are highly inexperienced and also perhaps attracted to it because of its seemingly cheap price. They fail to understand that moats naturally serve as a lodging place or course way for erosion. Erosion easily finds its way there. Here in ugbighoko community, a man built his house lose to the moat. At that time, the surrounding plots of land where not yet developed, so it seemed right to build there. As time went by other land owners started developing their property. Gradually, erosion flow and direction became visible-it was coming closer to this landlord in question
To worsen the situation, he sold out the moat nearby. The buyer quickly commenced work on the site thereby displacing erosion that often lodge there. As it rained flood gathered there. The landlord that had lived there for a long time stated to realize the consequences of his action. Erosion now surrounds him. Everyday he lives with regret. In the nearest future this situation will send him packing out of his house.

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